Empowering New Economy, Shedding the Light to the Future

BEIJING DUOKE INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY LIMITED (hereinafter referred to as “36Kr”) is a prominent brand and a pioneering platform dedicated to serving New Economy participants in China. With the mission of empowering New Economy participants to achieve more, 36Kr continuously connects in and serves the New Economic community, which involves Startups, TMT giants, Traditional enterprises, Institutional investors, Local governments, and Individuals. 36Kr accelerates the flow of the four major elements, which are information, talent, capital, and technology, to promote the development of a rapid, stable, and sustainable New Economy.

36Kr has been listed on the Nasdaq under the ticker symbol KRKR on November 8th, 2019. 36 Kr’s business is divided into three modules: online advertising services, enterprise value-added services, and subscription services. In the ten years since founded, 36Kr has accumulated the resources of more than 800,000 enterprises in its database, and thousands of them are served by 36Kr in depth. As of December 31st, 2019, 36Kr provided business services to 24 of the Global Fortune 100 companies, 59 of the Top 100 New Economy companies in China, and 47 of the Top 200 institutional investors in China.

In 2020, 36Kr has published more than 108,000 pieces of high-quality content. 36Kr’s content system covers startup exploring, established company reporting, investment institution tracking and analyzing, local industry reports and other content modules, and is set up with Flash updates, In-depth Business reports, 36Kr short videos, New Retail Referral, 36Kr Research Institute, 36Kr Auto, Future Real Estate, Testing with Superman, 36Kr pro, 36Kr to the overseas, youth36Kr, and other IP columns, providing full coverage of global panoramic new economic dynamics and trends, from newsletters to in-depth reports, from industry reports to innovative lifestyles, from single text content to audio and video content.

36Kr has been deeply involved in the field of enterprise services. In 2021, 36Kr officially announced the launch of its “36dianping” platform (https://www.36dianping.com/), intending to build China’s most professional enterprise-level software and service selection platform and enter the B-side online decision-making market. After nearly a year of accumulation, 36Kr’s “36dianping” platform now includes nearly 10,000 enterprise service software in 15 enterprise service categories and over 150 sub-categories, including general office, marketing, human resources, finance and taxation, legal affairs, data analysis, IT operation and maintenance, and design.

36Kr has created several influential established IPs including WISE IP, Investor IP, and Unexpected IP, which have been widely recognized by users and industry. WISE 2020-King of New Economy, the eighth annual WISE conference, was held in 2020, with over 300 guests from the government, established companies, startups, and investment institutions sharing their views, and over 20,000 people participating within three days.

Brand positioning: A new economy service group with media as its flagship.

Brand slogan: Shed the light to the future.

Brand mission:Empowering New Economy participants to achieve more.

Brand vision: The core of media will never change, and the boundaries of media will always expand.

Keywords: foresight, depth, professionalism, connection.

Core audience: Six communities (start-up companies, internet giants, traditional enterprises, investment institutions, local governments, and individual users).

Value committed to providing to the core audience: Providing cutting-edge information for readers, providing financing guidance for start-up companies, providing project guidance for investors, enhancing brand influence for internet giants, providing innovative upgrading and digital transformation solutions for traditional enterprises, providing investment attraction for local governments.

Values: Flexible and resolute, happy and responsible, honest and trustworthy, love for 36Kr.

Contact email: marketing@36kr.com